prohibitive : (费用)高得令很多人负担不起的,贵得让人望而却步的

manually enumerating all optimization choices for all
operators is prohibitive

Ablation study :拆分分析,分析工作中各个组件的影响

orthogonal : 正交
permeates : 扩散, e.g. : The integration of graphics processing units (GPUs) on high-end compute nodes has established a new accelerator-based heterogeneous computing model, which now permeates high-performance computing.

paradigm : 范式 large-scale distributed computing paradigms

mitigate : 减轻 most of partitioning attacks have been effectively mitigated

consolidate : 合并 it optimizes CPU-GPU transfer by consolidating small transfers

manyfold : 成倍的 To support such an algorithm design on a Sunway supercomputer, the implementation-wise challenge can be manyfold:

substantial : 大量的,重大的,实质的

spatial && temporal : 空间的 && 时间的

rigorous : 清楚 xxx will be made more rigorous shortly

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